All Savers offers flexible offsite management of complex, multi-plan designs and integrated in-house services. We work closely with brokers and clients to provide customized performance solutions.


You can find the service at a price that works for you with MyAllSaversConnect ‘s information and support. To avoid unexpected costs and manage your costs, it is important to understand your health plan. To view details about your health plan, visit

Alternative Financing for All Savers When actual health insurance claims are lower than expected, your plan splits the savings with a cash refund at the end of the year. And if the damage is more than expected, your liability insurance will cover you.

Discover The Different Services

  • You have easy access to a doctor
  • The list of prescription drugs can be viewed with one click.
  • Link to dedicated UHC website (if offered)
  • Check the status of claims on the official website
  • Customers can view eligibility information before signing up.
  • Publish member documents as needed.

Show billing details at checkout.

  • Access employer documents
  • View, download, and print ID cards online.
  • View list of employees
  • Add/Remove Member Requests
  • You can also access Supplier Inquiries and Employer Inquiries, Member Inquiries, and Agent Inquiries.


Other Auxiliary Services

  • Eligibility of the Member
  • Certificate of Success
  • Check rights status
  • Get EOB
  • Submit an objection
  • Brokerage requests
  • Send Previous Operator

In addition to facilitating login and registration, the portal also provides easy access to a wide range of general information. For more information, click on the Member, Employer, Broker, or Supplier tabs and see what information is available for reference. Moreover, all members are provided with an online welcome guide that outlines the portal’s features (this guide is available in PDF format).