Frequently Asked Questions

All Savers plans provide coverage for exams, flu shots, and hospital stays. MyAllSaversConnect knows exactly. What your health plan covers can be critical to managing your health care costs and avoiding financial surprises. Detailed information about your health plan, including expenses, coverage.


For requirements and more, visit To obtain a free hard copy of these documents, call the toll-free number on your ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the employer’s choice of plan correct?

The employer can choose to offer their employees a plan option or multiple plans to choose from. If the employer offers 1 plan option, all employees are automatically enrolled in that option. If the employer decides to offer multiple options, 2 or more plans can be selected from which employees can choose. One of these plans must be selected as the default plan.

Do you have the initial or EFT exam information?

A copy of the completed Payment Authorization Form, Entry Check, or Electronic Funds Transfer section of the Payment Authorization Form is required for installation.

If you choose to send a check for installation, the first month’s invoice will not be issued until the physical check is received. The physical check must be sent no later than when the employer’s fee confirmation button is pressed.

The initial check must be sent to:

United HealthCare Services, Inc., PO Box 19032, Green Bay, WI 54307-9032

Check it out the next day:

United Health Services, Inc,3100 AMS Boulevard, Green Bay, WI 54313

Do you offer special products?

Make sure you have submitted the correct employer and employee documents if the group is offered dental, vision or life insurance. That includes:

  • ¬†The employee requests or saves spreadsheets
  • ¬†Employer application

Is your commission reflected correctly?

If you have an Employer Indemnity Agreement (EFA), now is the time to review your commissions. If they are not accurate, now is the time to adjust them.