All Savers Connect is a very easy-to-use portal available through UHC MyAllSaversConnect. It can be accessed by entering your password and username. Your online account will enable you to access all the benefits that are associated with it once you are registered.


Members can use myAllSaversProvider.com to determine if they are eligible and enroll. MyAllSaversProvider.com allows you to verify membership eligibility and entitlement status for a patient enrolled in an All Savers plan administered by UnitedHealthcare. By clicking on “Register Now” on the All Savers homepage, you can register on this site if you have not already done so.

Let’s Know The Eligibility Criteria

You start the eligibility process by performing a member survey. You can access this process by reading the Find Members tutorial in the Employer Tutorial Library at myallsaversconnect.com.

  1. Member Information
  2. Scope (depending on availability: past, current and/or future)
  3. Type of coverage (health, dental, vision or life insurance)
  4. Effective Date
  5. Termination date (or active status)
  6. Plan number and
  7. Type of plan (employee, employee and spouse, employee and child or family)


You can explore other areas by visiting the library of tutorials for employers at myallsavers connect. with.

An eligible worker is a person who is a regular full-time employee and must work at least 30 hours per week. This excludes part-time and seasonal workers and retirees. Grandchildren are not covered under an All Savers Alternate Funding Plan unless the grandparent is the legal guardian. Life Partners are insured in all states. COBRA services are not provided under an All Savers alternative financing plan. If an employer requires COBRA services, United Benefit Services (UBS) is the administrator and should be contacted at 1-800-318-5311.

The UHC Customer Service team can help with any questions you may have after reading the welcome guide (or you can skip it and ask your questions directly). The UHC Customer Service team is available between 7:30am and 5:30pm. Weekdays, they are available between 7:30am and 5:00pm.